Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Picking

Going to the apple orchard; hope to pick some Macs.
Fresh picked apples in the Autumn? They're my favorite snacks.
Tart and crisp and red and green and ripened on the tree;
And, at Parlee Farms, they let you eat a Mac for free.

I know they have other kinds of apples at the farm
Honeycrisps and Cortlands - those have got a certain charm.
(Do not like Delicious apples; I don't think they are.)
Since the town of Tyngsboro's a short ride in my car...

And I have a craving and it's such a lovely day
Dr. Seussilitis symptoms won't stand in my way.
I will skip the petting zoo; I'll skip the hay-bale maze
But, their tractor ride is nice on warm September days.


  1. makes me want to hop into my car and head out to the orchard