Monday, September 16, 2013

The Boston Red Sox Swept the New York Yankees

Hail to the coach. (Photo/

Red Sox teams do better with their players acting weird.
Once they used to "Cowboy Up"; today they wear a beard.
Played together as a team and "Poof!" they're number one.
They don't need a high-priced star when they're all having fun.

Yankees didn't have much fun this weekend, I'm afraid;
Swept by Boston's Red Sox in the series they just played.
Wish that I could thank the Sox and show how much I care...
Sadly, I'm a woman who can not grow facial hair.

Want to show appreciation for the year they've had.
Do not think I'm taunting.  (That will make the sports gods mad.)
I am just so happy, now that Farrell's in command,
I can't seem to help it.  Hope the sports gods understand.

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