Monday, September 09, 2013

New England Patriots - A Sloppy Start

Stevan Ridley rides the bench after 2 fumbles in Buffalo. (Photo/Boston Globe)

Watched some football yesterday; the Giants and the Pats.
Both of them looked sloppy - adding to turnover stats.
Fumbles made by Ridley left him sitting on the bench,
All alone as if he were exuding some foul stench.

Danny Amendola proved much tougher than I'd thought;
Even with his injury, dove through the air and caught
Passes that we needed to squeak out a narrow win.
Not the most auspicious way for my team to begin.

But at least we won our game; my husband's team did not.
They were even sloppier so there was not a shot
Giants had of winning. Nothing that Defense could do...
When their quarterback hit Dallas any time he threw.

Patriots are home on Thursday night to play the Jets;
Two teams with a rivalry as bitter as it gets.
Really hope that Edelman will get himself some rest;
Looks like we will need him if we want to beat our guest.

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