Thursday, September 26, 2013

Warning - Dr. Seussilitis Is Spreading


 Dr. Seussilitis is contagious - like the flu...
Noticed that Jon Stewart and Ted Cruz show symptoms, too.
Ted Cruz held the Senate floor; he read Green Eggs and Ham,
Said that funding health care is like killing Uncle Sam.

Like the cranky fellow who won't eat eggs in a box
Cruz won't try Obama's plan, he's trumpeted on FOX.
Not in Texas nor across the nation's fruited plain...
Dr. Seussilitis might be messing with his brain.

He's been so irrational I'm worried for the guy.
Maybe he should learn from Dr. Seuss; give things a try.
In the end the guy who will not eat green eggs and ham
Finds out that he likes it; winds up happy as a clam.

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