Thursday, September 05, 2013

Obama v. Putin - Something to Talk About

This year's G-20 Summit meetings are being held on President Putin's home turf; St. Petersburg.  (Photo/

President Obama's in St. Petersburg today;
Isn't there to meet with Putin...  What could either say?
One's the U.S. President - who wants to launch a strike -
Lobbying that more G-20 countries act alike.

(Can't imagine how Assad can sleep at night sometimes.)
Putin's backing Syria. Bashar Assad's his guy;
Claiming that the evidence against him is a lie.

Doesn't leave a lot for them to talk about, I'd think.
Not as if relations with the Russians didn't stink
Well before this latest rift but, 'though the two aren't friends,
Both must work together before Syria's war ends.

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