Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Syrian Strategy Stalls

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Bashar al-Assad was interviewed by Charlie Rose;
Sounded like a gay vampire with a stuffy nose.
Said that bombing him will not get any problems solved;
Warned that we'd be sorry if the U.S. got involved.

President Obama has been very busy, too.
Meeting with reporters; giving each an interview.
Speaking to the nation last night; laying out his case.
He agreed to wait, thus saving diplomatic face.

'though I'm not in favor of a war, I'm feeling bad.
I would love to rescue Syrians from al-Assad.
But, 'til other nations will agree to do their share,
It's too large a burden for America to bear.

Secretary Kerry gave the President an out
Once the Congress made it clear approval was in doubt.
Now they can delay the vote...  Give Lavrov a chance,
Let the U.N. diplomats commence their song and dance.

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