Friday, March 01, 2013

Not A Prayer

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Catholics are leaderless; they're searching for a Pope,
Giving some parishioners a modicum of hope
That the Church will modernize...  I don't think there's a prayer
Cardinals have any plans to change pastoral care.

Nuns will stay "subservient"; their ordination's out.
Church would never let a woman wield that kind of clout.
So, despite the many scandals it has covered up

Don't believe the Vatican is ever gonna change.
(I think it's the celibacy; makes your world view strange.)
'though I'm sure the next Pope is a fine, upstanding guy
I don't think reformers ought to get their hopes too high.


  1. I fear that you're right.

    Well done!

    1. My father keeps hoping that I
      Will come around, but I can't lie;
      I'm done with the Church,
      Felt left in the lurch
      Because I was not born a guy.