Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Across the Pond - Basketball Diplomacy

Ambassador Extraordinaire Dennis "The Worm"  Rodman? (Photo/People)

'though no-one's confirmed him as Ambassador, I heard
With its leader, Kim Jong-un.  They watched some basketball.
Rodman says that we don't understand the guy at all.

Kim Jong-un is "humble" and a "really awesome guy."
Rodman says he's sure of that, and why would Dennis lie?
Says the people love their leader; that's why they parade.
Can't imagine that the North Koreans are afraid...

After all, what's there to fear? (Except for prison camps,
Or the missile tests that they're conducting... Little scamps.
Nuclear explosions and a multitude of threats.)
Rodman says he's peaceful; that's as solid as it gets.

Let's give a portfolio to Dennis Rodman, fast.
Who knows how much longer this diplomacy will last?
Maybe get a pick-up game together.  Putin would;
And I bet Obama could take Kim Jong-un...  He's good.

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