Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lean In Ladies

A new feminist manifesto?

Lean In ladies, here's the scoop on Sheryl Sandberg's book;
It is worth your while to buy the thing and have a look.
Critics say, because she's rich, she doesn't understand
What it's like for women who don't make a hundred grand.

Maybe so, and yet the woman makes a valid point.
Doesn't help the cause to get our noses out of joint.
Sandberg says the problems - whether chicken or the egg -
Need to be examined.  She set off a powder keg.

Women do not like to ask for things; it makes us tense...
Too afraid that someone else might, somehow, take offense.
Trained to think of family first; career in second place,
Fear it's not polite to win and, therefore, throw the race.

Sandberg says that data show our fears are often right;
No-one likes a pushy broad in charge of oversight.
Thus, we do not take the risk to fight for equal pay.
Women choose the mommy track and start to fall away.

So she's launched; a platform on the web.
It's a place where Sandberg hopes we can reverse the ebb.
Yes, she's rich and lucky but let's give the girl a break.
I think that ignoring her would be a huge mistake.

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