Monday, March 04, 2013

Wall St. and Sequestration

(Photo/CBS News)

 Sequestration's in effect and Wall St. doesn't care;
Dow is up as its investors look to grab a share
Of the only game that offers any dividends.
Everyday realities not linked to market trends.

Wall St. doesn't really care about the moms and pops.
It does not reflect the fact we're laying off some cops.
Doesn't care (for now, at least) if education stinks;
Isn't held responsible for what the voter thinks.

Looks like Wall St. has concluded; Congress may be broke,
But it doesn't matter if the 2 sides haven't spoke.
Industries just need to know; What will the future bring?
Now they've learned - they can't count on The Hill for anything.

There is no uncertainty in that; it's very clear
Washington will not address the problems we have here...
Here where we the people live and watch in disbelief
As the Congress gets their checks and cancels storm relief.

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