Monday, March 25, 2013

Across the Pond - Iraq: Lessons Learned

(Photo/Scott Nelson/Getty Images)

10 years after Shock and Awe and here is what we've learned,
Lessons that our military's lives and limbs have earned:
Don't invade until you've finished in Afghanistan.
If you do - don't throw away your post-invasion plan.

Be concerned when someone like Don Rumsfeld starts to smirk.
Don't disband their military; put those men to work.
Be aware that, sometimes, other people might have lied.
Don't install a government because they take your side.

Don't expect to change a culture that is not your own
Just because you get their brutal tyrant overthrown.
Don't suppose the war is over once that tyrant's caught.
Don't proclaim your mission is accomplished when it's not.

Lessons we have yet to learn are: how to walk away,
Where to find the billions that we're gonna have to pay,
Where those weapons of destruction were and where they went...
Seems to me those billions could have been more wisely spent.

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