Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Across the Pond - North Korea, China, and Russia

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un looks south.  (Photo/AP)

Kim Jong-un is making threats again...  The guy is nuts.
Doesn't seem to realize, despite the budget cuts,
We can always find the funds to fight if we're attacked.
Now his ties to Russia and the Chinese may have cracked.

It makes countries nervous when a neighbor rocks the boat.
North Korea's neighbors have a U.N. Council vote.
They've agreed to sanctions since the Hermit Kingdom has
Proved its newest leader is a suicidal spaz.

I bet Putin's wishing Kim Jong-un would shut his mouth;
Let the Chinese deal with him for now.  They keep him fed;
Propped his dad and grandpa up and look where that has led.

Now they have a lunatic who's slipping off his leash.
Can't believe they didn't see this problem coming.  Sheesh!
Not as if the family tree could give them cause for hopes;
If you're planting cabbage, you get cabbages...  You dopes.

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