Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear NRA... There's a New Sheriff in Town

gabrielle giffords michael bloomberg
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords, and Mark Kelly are gambling that they can make a change.

Which is what a semi-automatic weapon's for.
Won't restrict the magazines to 15 rounds or less.
Even background checks have caused Conservatives distress.

Claim that it's a registry so we'll know where to start
When we come to pry their guns and cold, dead hands apart.
NRA is threatening to "throw the bastards out."
In the past it's been the only group that's wielded clout.

They should know, another sheriff just rode into to town
And he's got the cash to back the bets that he lays down.
Lately, he and other groups have said they plan to spend
Money on elections and the message that they'd send:

Is that the majority, according to the polls,
Want to see those 3 reforms, want help for tortured souls,
Don't want politicians' specious arguments on rights...
Want them to address concerns that keep us up at nights.

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