Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Prayer for Pope Francis

Pope Francis greets the crowds in Saint Peter's Square. (Photo/The Telegraph)

Cardinal Bergoglio's become the newest Pope.
Wishing him the best of luck as he attempts to cope
With the sordid scandals that the church still has to face:
Searching for solutions to the priesthood's fall from grace,

Dealing with the Vatileaks and Curia's control...
It's enough to test the fortitude of any soul.
Francis is a Jesuit; the first to be the Pope...
Having met some Jesuits, I know he's not a dope.

Argentina breeds them tough; I'm sure that he'll do fine
(Or else, like his predecessor, he can just resign.)
There is speculation that the choosing of his name
Means that Francis plans to make reforming things his aim;

Focusing on poverty, though still conservative,
Cardinals have made a choice the faithful have to live.
He has asked that people pray for him; and so I will...
Even a lapsed Catholic will never lose that skill.

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