Thursday, March 21, 2013

Across the Pond - Dear Israel...

(Photo/Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty)

He and Netanyahu haven't had the chance to speak
Since their re-elections. Their relationship was tense;
Netanyahu thinks we haven't sprung to his defense.

President Obama is a man who keeps his word.
So - although I doubt that Netanyahu's reassured -
When he says he has your back then you can just relax...
Israel has allies if an enemy attacks.

Just because we want to give the sanctions time to work
Doesn't mean Iran's a situation that we'll shirk.
Just because we think Mahmoud Abbas has got a point
Netanyahu shouldn't get his nose all out of joint.

If some nation should attack, it's choosing suicide.
We gave you the Iron Dome and - mostly - take your side.
What else do Israelis want the President to say
That he didn't say to you, already, yesterday?

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