Thursday, March 28, 2013

Massachusetts Senate Debates

Massachusetts Senate debate 32713.jpg
R.D. Sahl moderated the 2 debates last night. He did a great job.  (Photo/Steve Senne/AP)

Massachusetts has itself an open Senate seat
Now that Kerry's left the Hill and moved up to C Street.
Each side got an half an hour; finished up by 8.

R.D. Sahl was very good, although he sounded hoarse.
Started with the GOP - all moderates, of course.
Here in Massachusetts.) They said DOMA was unfair.

Winslow, Gomez, Sullivan: don't like the A.C.A.
Said that Massachusetts doesn't need it anyway.
Gomez lacks experience and Sullivan's polite...
Thought Dan Winslow won in the debate I heard last night.

Next up were our Democrats from Congress; Lynch and Markey.
Ed was very statesman-like and Steve a little snarky.
I like Stephen Lynch a lot - he does a decent job -
And I know that Markey may appear to be a snob

But, with more than 30 years experience, it's he
Out of all the candidates on stage (it seemed to me)
Who was senatorial; the other men were not.
Up against Ed Markey, Winslow wouldn't stand a shot.

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