Friday, March 08, 2013

Birthday Season

Happy 75th Birthday Mom...  I hope I got your genes.

This is birthday season; we'll be celebrating 4.
We've already had 2 parties - Sunday there's 1 more.
Last night was my mother's; she turned 70 + 5.
(We are very lucky; she's continuing to thrive.)

Dad's was here last weekend and my sister's party's next.
That one is at her house because everyone suspects
That I don't enjoy the fact the party's always here;
Think I'm lying saying it's my favorite time of year.

All I have to do is cook a meal and bake the cake.
While my sisters do the cleaning up, I take a break.
I enjoy the cooking part...  I really hate to clean,
But my sisters are the best at that I've ever seen.

One is great at decorating, one at mixing drinks.
I have much more fun at these than any of them thinks.
Plus, my house is cleaner than it was before they came.
Going to my sister's home will not feel quite the same.

The other 2 March birthday girls (and a very close approximation of my Dad.)

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