Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear E.U. - When Is Enough Enough?

Tell me that Putin isn't up to something...  Look at that smirk as he shakes hands with Ukraine's President. (Photo/

Russia's new "incursion" into Southeastern Ukraine
(Something they're denying but reconnaissance makes plain)
May just be the straw to break the German camel's back;
Merkel called on Putin to demand he not attack.

Europe's been reluctant to impose a tough regime
Of the sanctions that might put a stop to Putin's scheme.
He supplies their energy and winter's coming soon...
And he has a reputation as a thuggish goon.

Ukraine's not a NATO member - thus, it's not our fight.
Troops won't be deployed to make sure Putin does what's right.
Sanctions seem to be the only weapons we can use.
His uncurbed aggression means the E.U. has to choose.

Will they simply sit and watch while Putin has his way;
Flouting diplomatic rules while sizing up new prey?
Do they take a stand against the Russians' latest move;
Or, by doing little, do they tacitly approve?

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