Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Middle East - Ready! Fire! Aim!

Arab Spring Forward

When I hear someone suggest the U.S. get involved -
Send our military in and get the problems solved -
Treating war as if it's just another kind of game,
I can't help but think they're shouting: Ready! Fire! Aim!

Arab Spring's resulted in a bitter Arab fall;
Adding yet, more weapons to the mix can't help, at all.
There are quite enough of those, but...  Refugees need food.
Starving people with no hope just sit around and brood.

If we want to see real change and want to play a part,
Giving all those displaced people aid would be a start.
I don't want to arm the rebels - gladly'd feed the poor...
But, until we care for vets we have, don't make some more.

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