Monday, July 07, 2014

Dear Border States... Good Luck With That

There's been a major surge in unaccompanied children detained at the U.S. border.
If you've been a parent, think of how bad it must be
When the situation makes you grab your child and flee.
Kids as young as 10 have been arriving on their own;
Children, far away from home... They're frightened and alone.

Coming here because they've heard we have to let them in
And, until their case is heard, they'll get to live with kin.
That would not be incorrect and they can thank George Bush.
Now Obama's looking for a way that he can push

Legislation through a Congress that's completely stalled;
Though aware that Immigration must be overhauled,
Still they will not touch it with the mid-terms underway.
Thus, according to the law, the refugees can stay.

Tell that to the angry mobs in all the border states
Who say that they've got enough, already, on their plates.
'though they make a valid point it doesn't change the fact
President Obama cannot make the Congress act.

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