Thursday, July 17, 2014

Really? Not Really.

One of my favorite views on the planet. (Photo/Courtesy of Peter S. Corr III)

I'm imposing quarantine, informing CDC;
Once again the rhyming bug is being spread by me.
Comments on some recent posts are being done in rhyme.
'til we get this straightened out I'm taking off some time.

Sorry if the Seussilitis bug has bitten you...
I'm afraid there's nothing that the CDC can do.
No-one's working on a cure for this dreadful disease
And, though it's not fatal (1 of 10 experts agrees)

It can drive your loved ones crazy - as it's driven mine.
If you quit your reading now I think you'll still be fine.
Hopefully by August, when my quarantine is lifted,
Public feeling on we poor afflicted will have shifted.

1 comment:

  1. A spectacular photo thanks to peter corr/ obviously taken down at the shore. Encouraging me to head to the beach. No more comments from for at least two weeks.