Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Golf Blues


 We're not playing golf as much this year...  I'm not sure why.
Something always intervenes, it seems, each time we try.
When we both were members at our local country club
We'd play once or twice a week, at least, but here's the rub;

We're both feeling old and creaky - husband hurt his back.
Back-swing causes pain which makes the golf ball hard to smack.
Weather's not cooperating; summer got here late.
Once it did, the weekend forecasts haven't been that great...

Much too hot and humid to make playing any fun.
I would suffer heatstroke on the course out in this sun.
I'm a fan of Autumn golf, when days are clear and cool.
Summer's when I'd rather be out lounging by the pool.


  1. Isnt it fine and isnt it funny. the summer, so far has been perfectly sunny. Not that I care , the days are quite hot.I love it because, a golfer Im not.....

    1. I love your response, done in rhyme.
      The verses get better each time.
      You could be a pro
      And, though there's no dough,
      You could be my partner in crime.