Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Argentina Lost the World Cup

Germany's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, recipient of the Golden Glove trophy, stands next to Argentina's Lionel Messi after he receive the Golden Ball trophy...
Argentina's Lionel Messi doesn't look thrilled with his consolation prize.

As you, no doubt, know by now the Germans won the Cup.
Does the team deserve the honors they're receiving? Yup.
German fans are celebrating; dancing in the streets...
Social media's been flooded with ecstatic tweets.

Germany was dominant throughout the tournament
But was careful not to get Brazilian's noses bent.
Tensions there were high enough that such an ugly loss
Could be like a match lit to a Molotov you'd toss.

But the Germans didn't taunt or gloat about their win
Knowing that the sports gods think that taunting is a sin.
I guess no one told the Argentinians that rule;
Things they said about Brazil (their host) were pretty cruel.

After that they never scored a single goal, at all...
And, though Messi was awarded FIFA's Golden Ball
It seemed like a consolation prize he didn't want.
Next World Cup remember that it isn't nice to taunt.

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