Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not So Far, Far Away

Israel has called up reservists and positioned tanks along its border with the Gaza Strip. (Photo/Courtesy of

Israel's preparing to invade the Gaza Strip;
Planning to impose a peace by tightening its grip.
After 3 Israeli teens were murdered - in revenge -
One young man was burned alive; Hamas swore to avenge

Terrorism by some Jews on Palestinians,
Claiming that the vicious few make all barbarians.
Growing anger in the streets became a major factor;
Hamas fired missiles at a nuclear reactor.

Israel believed it had no choice and fired back.
Eighty Palestinians were killed in the attack.
Airstrikes in the hundreds have been going on all night.
Missiles out of Gaza have been shot down in mid-flight.

But, if even one gets through, those tanks are bound to roll
And it's Palestinians who'll pay the highest toll.
The Israelis also lose for, as they tighten grips,
Fast and far away the hope for peace between them slips.

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