Wednesday, July 16, 2014


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I'm a life-long Red Sox fan but, also, I'm the wife
Of a life-long Yankees fan which, sometimes, leads to strife.
When it comes to Derek Jeter, though, we both agree
He's one of the better players we will ever see.

Back when SNL was funny Jeter was the host;
Did a sketch on Weekend Update and he didn't boast
When he pointed out his stats and said he didn't suck
But that Red Sox fans who wanted him were out of luck.

That's when my RE2PECT for him began; it's only grown.
When my husband tipped his baseball cap, I tipped my own.
'though The Captain plays for my arch rivals, even so;
I'll miss Derek Jeter and am sad to see him go.


  1. I agree with your words about Derek Jeter. He makes watching the game even s weeter. I too am a red sox fan, but must say, with D.J. in the game, it can make my day. A great athlete and a gentleman too, in baseball, of late, they are so few.

    1. Uh oh... It's happening again.