Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flunking Economics

Neither of our sons will face a huge tuition bill;
They won't have to pay for college 'cause their father will.
I assume they're both aware how fortunate they are
And will quit complaining that we won't buy them a car.

They're in the minority...  Most students need a loan;
Going into debt before they're out and on their own.
Starting life with shiny new degrees and payments due.
'though Obama wants to help, there's not much he can do.

If he said that water's wet the Right would say he's wrong.
You can kiss the Warren bill for loan reform so long.
GOP calls it a stunt; her bill will never pass...
Were I teaching Economics, they would flunk my class.

If your future work-force faces huge amounts of debt,
Forcing them to take the first job offer they can get,
Spending shrinking wages paying off their student loans,
They won't have the income to be keeping up with Jones.

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