Monday, June 09, 2014

Dear George R.R. Martin; Please Finish Your Song

Sunday nights at my house means we're watching Game of Thrones
HBO's hit series; even turning off the phones.
I'll try not to spoil it for the people who don't watch,
'though I highly recommend you do; it's been top notch.

Since I know what happens next (because I've read the books)
Sometimes I don't watch the screen but how my husband looks.
Shock, dismay, and disbelief at something on the show
Cross his face, illuminated by the TV's glow.

Unlike Robert Jordan - 12 books in to Wheel of Time -
I hope Martin finishes, his writing's been sublime.
I don't wish to rob him of an increase in his wealth
But George isn't what I'd call a poster boy for health.

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