Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sykes and Picot Were Idiots

During World War I, the major powers drew some lines;
They decided who got oil and who got diamond mines.
Sticking to those borders, which were drawn without regard
For the locals' feelings on the subject's, proving hard.

They're the cause of "civil" wars, attempts at genocide;
Hard to estimate how many people may have died,
All because we started drawing lines upon the sand.
I suspect this isn't working quite the way they planned.

Africa, the Middle East... Religious sects and tribes;
At each others throats (when they're not out collecting bribes.)
All those simple lines they drew aren't easy to erase.
Even now we feel the need to straighten up the place.

Seems to me we've done enough; we'll only make things worse.
Rising tide of change is something we cannot reverse.
Militants will not be stopped by lines drawn on a map
But by locals who decide they're tired of this crap.

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