Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brazil 2014 - A Wet Heat


Thank God for my air conditioner, because it's hot;
Outside it's a muggy swamp...  Inside my house it's not.
Here the air is cool and dry so I'll be staying in,
Sitting on my couch and hoping for a U.S. win.

I cannot imagine how the World Cup players feel
In the kind of climate with which teams have had to deal.
They have played in jungle heat, in air that's thick and wet,
Running up and down for 90 minutes, dripping sweat.

Still, I guess it's better in Brazil than in Dubai
Where it's like an oven ('though I hear the heat is dry.)
Those are some amazing athletes out on soccer pitches...
Either that or just a bunch of crazy sons of bitches.


Germans won the match and they must be congratulated;
Good news is the U.S. team was not eliminated.

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