Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Mr. Cheney et al. - You're Kidding, Right?

Cheney reveals defibrillator altered to thwart terrorists
Former Vice President Dick Cheney

ISIS is establishing a modern Caliphate
Based upon fanaticism...  Isn't that just great.
Thank you Bush and Cheney; you guys kicked the hornets' nest,
Certain that America was right and knew what's best.

Ever since, the region has been going up in flames.
Now Dick Cheney's claiming it's Obama who he blames.
It was not Obama who invaded on a whim;
I cannot believe the gall of Cheney blaming him.

This war has been brewing for a century, or more.
It's about religious sects and settling a score.
Once dictators fell, removing pressure from the lid,
Experts warned some countries might explode - and so they did.

All the blood and treasure spent on playing global cop
Didn't make this process one the U.S.A. could stop...
But, to say Obama caused the current Mid-East mess,
Means you're badly misinformed (by FOX, would be my guess.)

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