Thursday, June 19, 2014

Foreign Policy Isn't For Dummies

(Mr. Bennett's cartoon/Courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor)

President Obama's seen approval ratings drop
Because there are conflicts in the world he cannot stop.
John McCain can name you three the U.S. should invade;
Plus another couple where he thinks we should have stayed.

I don't think he understands how that would be perceived.
When we throw our weight around the Arabs feel aggrieved.
Libyans are mad we grabbed a suspect off the street,
Hustled him aboard a ship, and sailed off with our fleet.

(Proving true the nickname for TV - the idiot box.)
These wars are religious...  They're the kind that can't be won
And we shouldn't risk the life of one more mother's son

In a fight that's lasted for at least a thousand years.
When we've jumped into the fray before it led to tears.
Once we put our foot down innocents are always crushed.
Thankfully, this President won't let himself be rushed.

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