Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Carpe'ing the Diem

These 6 Iranians were arrested for being happy.

It's another sunny, pretty, Massachusetts' day.
Might as well enjoy blue skies...  Tomorrow's will be gray.
Carpe' diem! Seize the day - should you ask my advice.
Forecast says it's gonna rain.  The weekend should be nice.

I'll believe it when I see it 'cause you never know,
When you're in New England, which way winds are gonna blow.
I will rhyme the news tomorrow, when the weather stinks;
Well researched with back-up proof provided in the links.

Not today, however...  I don't feel the urge to brood.
News is so depressing lately, it would wreck my mood.
I have plans to spread some mulch or, maybe, pull a weed.
Better yet - I'll park my butt out on the deck and read.

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