Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not Even On A Dare

Give me blizzards any day; their howling winds and snow.
I will stop complaining when Nor'easters start to blow.
I will even take the floods we get from too much rain
Over storms Tornado Alley faces...  They're insane.

Massive, whirling funnel-clouds which drop out of the sky?
Some folks learn to live with them, I guess...  At least, they try.
But you couldn't pay me to; not even on a dare.
I'm too big a chicken to consider living there.


  1. my family agrees that the swirling of trees, isnot a condition we,d love. long winters in homes all cozy and snug, with just snow and sleet down from above.

    1. I'll happily take snow and sleet
      And ice on the trees and the street
      Tornadoes? No way.
      I just wouldn't stay.
      One look and I'd quickly retreat.