Monday, June 23, 2014

Switching Wagons

I can't "un-see" this face-palm meme of the World Cup logo, now.

Suddenly the nation's filled with rabid, soccer fans.
Those who've never watched the games are rearranging plans,
Making sure they're free to see this Thursday's game at noon...
Hopping on bandwagons; singing team USA's tune.

I am very happy for our team and wish them well
But, when watching World Cup soccer, I'm still bored as hell.
I will grant that it's exciting when somebody scores;
It's the other 87 minutes which are bores.

If we tie with Germany on Thursday we advance
And, although our coach believes that we don't have a chance,
I guess no-one told the team that they're supposed to lose.
This time, when I watch them play, I plan on drinking booze.

That might make it fun to watch...  Perhaps you need a crowd
In a bar that's full of happy people being loud.
Maybe soccer fans aren't watching players when they cheer,
They're just saying "Thank you" to the guy who bought the beer.

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