Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Egypt - Just Say No

Al-Jazeera condemns 'unjust' Egypt verdicts against staff

Egypt sentenced journalists to 7 years in jail
Despite lacking any evidentiary trail.
Claimed that they were working for the Muslim Brotherhood.
We'd planned on resuming aid; now, I don't think we should.

To be fair, I didn't think we should have anyway.
These men aren't the first the government has locked away.
Al Jazeera's journalists may have to serve some time;
Hundreds of Egyptians received death for the same crime.

General el-Sisi, who is now the President,
Isn't someone we should send a single, U.S. cent...
Led the revolution, seizing power in a coup,
Calling for the deaths of leaders that he overthrew.

Journalists are under threat and so there's no free press.
Why on earth would we go wading in to such a mess?
Egypt's military's doing fine without our aid.
If we really want to help we ought to foster trade.

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