Monday, June 30, 2014

The Speaker's Stunt

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Speaker Boehner says he plans to sue the President
Over, what he claims, has been selective enforcement
Of some laws Obama swore an oath that he'd uphold.
Boehner says Obama broke the law but I'm not sold.

Has Obama tried to work around the GOP?
Maybe so, although he had no choice it seems to me.
If Obama said that grass was green or sky was blue
Congress would investigate and find it wasn't true.

Since the Congress blocked his moves Obama had to punt;
Now it will cost millions fighting Boehner's latest stunt;
Money we could better spend on paying off our debts,
Education, health, or roads, or caring for our vets.

What the hell's the matter with these people anyway?
It's no wonder Presidents look old and worn and gray;
Finding that they can't deliver on the things they'd planned...
Why someone would want that job, I'll never understand.

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