Thursday, June 12, 2014

Had Enough?

Gun advocates dispute this number, saying that some shootings are "just gang violence."

In my high-school student days ('though it's been many years)
Tests and late assignments were the sum of all my fears...
Trying to be popular though, sadly, I was not
But I never worried that, one day, I might get shot.

Not like kids today, where high-school shootings are routine;
Added to the pressures that they're feeling as a teen
Is it any wonder that their tests show lower scores?
They're distracted by crazed gunmen coming through the doors.

I am not a helicopter parent, but...  Come on!
As I watch more grieving parents mourn a child who's gone
I have got to wonder why our daughters and our sons
Can't get some protection from the lunatics with guns.

Have we grown so powerless that we've just given up?
Let the NRA control the conversation?  Yup.
Time to take the power back.  We have to make a squawk.
Tell your politicians that it's time to walk the walk.

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