Friday, June 06, 2014

A Public Lynching

(I love Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.)

It appears the country wants to lynch the Bergdahl's boy
I'm convinced it's something that Rush Limbaugh would enjoy.
He is a "deserter and a traitor," FOX News said.
(Taliban has told the kid if he returns, he's dead.)

He has been convicted by a jury of the press
And this "feel-good" story has become an ugly mess.
After his hometown of Hailey came under attack
They've now cancelled plans to welcome SGT Bergdahl back.

As if that weren't bad enough, the press attacked his dad.
I can't listen to them anymore...  It drives me mad.
Leaves his parents out of this.  The only thing they've done
Is to do their very best to try and save their son.

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  1. spoken like a mother of young sons. i agree his parents are being unfairly treated, but my well of sympathy for the young man is sadly depleted.