Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Beautiful Game?

Soccer fans are flocking to the cities of Brazil,
Met by angry residents who'll have to foot the bill
For the World Cup tournament that they are hosting there.
It's the biggest thing in sports...  Americans don't care.

Our team's in the "group of death;" unlikely to advance.
So much so, our coach has said that we don't stand a chance.
Plus, it's not that popular here in the U.S.A.
We prefer the kind of football NFL teams play.

'though the world calls soccer "football" ('cause they use their feet)
Here a forward pass is something quarterbacks complete,
Not a kick from guys in shorts that cause a ball to roll
Toward some other guy in shorts who'll try to block the goal.

I know that the world may disagree, but it's a bore.
There's a lot of running but nobody seems to score.
If they do they bellow "Goooaaal!" when balls go in the net...
It's how they awaken fans who fell asleep, I bet.


  1. i must admit its not that often that i get to laugh out loud. especially in the mornings when my head is still in a cloud. but your take on this is just what i think about this foreign sport. the excitement only comes from the stands, where the fans are a roudy sort, the type, who in my thoughts are slightly "down a quart"

    1. I love it! Please accept my apologies for infecting you with the rhyming bug, but it's lovely to have another rhymer around.