Wednesday, June 04, 2014

We Leave No One Behind

Bowe Bergdahl

White House made a deal for getting Bowe Bergdahl released
But the howls about the swap they made have just increased.
Started with the 5 we traded; all were Taliban
And we never warned the people in Afghanistan.

Didn't tell the Congress, either...  Simply went ahead.
'We don't leave our men behind,' Barack Obama said.
Now the claim is: we did not leave Bergdahl, he left us,
That he's a deserter who is not worth all the fuss.

No-one's come right out and said we should have left the kid,
But they're criticizing everything the White House did.
There are snide remarks on FOX about Bowe's father's beard;
Speculation that the Bergdahl clan is kinda weird.

Speaking as the mother of two handsome, teenage boys
All this hue and cry is only pointless, background noise
(Speaking as a veteran, the same is also true)
I'd expect my country would do all that it could do.


  1. i think we wanted this kid home for a reason. could it be they want to charge him with treason? could also be the start of closing up GITMO. it was an election promise a few years ago. these things are never just as they appear, we will just have to wait no doubt , for a year.

    1. I'm sorry. I think that you've got
      The rhyming bug and, no, there's not
      A cure to be had...
      And you've got it bad.
      You ought to give blogging a shot.