Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Let's Go Canadiens?

I have got a history of sabotaging teams;
In the past my silly rhymes have ruined play-off dreams.
Thus, I hope you'll understand when I say something nice
About Montreal's Canadiens and Carey Price.

He has been on fire - stopping every puck he sees -
"Like he's on a mission," which is bad news for my Bs.
P.K. Subban (he's the guy the Bruins love to hate...
Mostly out of envy, because he's been playing great)

Scored, again, on breakaways last night on Tuukka Rask
Who, with a new baby, fell asleep behind his mask.
Series stands at 2 to 1; Game 4's on Thursday night.
If the Bruins lose that one they could still be all right

But it isn't likely.  The Canadiens are good.
Even when the games are played in Boston's neighborhood
If the Bruins cannot find the will to step it up
They are gonna miss their chance to win the Stanley Cup.

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