Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pity The Clean Shaven

Women who don't follow sports might notice something weird
When the scruffy guy they've come to know shaves off his beard.
But, though he's clean shaven, you still ought to give him space.
Boston Bruins' fans are wearing their unhappy face.

It's not just your lover's face that's tender, pink, and raw;
He's still hurting from the hockey game that he just saw.
Last night was Game 7 and the Bruins won't advance.
Team did not play well - at all - and so they blew their chance.

Montreal's Canadiens, who beat us 3 to 1
(And were much more gracious after all was said and done),
Get to keep the scruffy look and play another round,
While the newly shaven had their hopes dashed to the ground.

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