Monday, October 07, 2013


Patriots vs. Bengals - 10/6/2013
The Patriots offense was all wet yesterday. (Photo/AP)

Patriots are 4 and 1; the Sox are 2 and oh.
One team hopes to sweep their series; one team's plagued with woe.
One team is on fire while the other team is damp.
Patriots are struggling; the Sox could be the Champ.

Brady threw no touchdowns yesterday which broke his streak.
52 games in a row; at least one every week...
'though I'm sure that Danny Amendola's very nice,
There's no Joe Montana if you don't have Jerry Rice.

Red Sox are at Tropicana Field to play the Rays
But, though they're more fun to write a rhyme about these days,
I am being very careful - watching what I say -
Just in case my rhyming is affecting how they play.

When I rhymed, extensively, about the Sox last year
They performed so badly that I had begun to fear
I might be responsible - incurred the sports gods' wrath -
And there is no fury like the kind the sports gods hath.

Maybe I should stick to politics and government
'though, the more I think about it, look at how that went.
Maybe Dr. Seussilitis really is a curse...
When I write a rhyme about something it's gotten worse.

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