Thursday, May 08, 2014

South Sudan - I Wouldn't Call That Tranquil

It may look peaceful, but...  (Photo/Courtesy of

South Sudan's in turmoil when it needs tranquility.
U.N. got the government and rebels to agree;
Hoping it will give the farmers time to plant their crops...
Something that they cannot do unless the fighting stops.

Even if it's tranquil, starving farmers ate their seeds;
Therefore, they aren't able to fulfill the country's needs.
Those who still have seeds to plant will need a lot of luck.
Once they put them in the ground - if war resumes - they're stuck.

They would have to take the chance their crops (and they) will live.
In their struggle to survive there's not a lot of give.
South Sudan is facing famine; future's looking grim
If it cannot keep the peace - and hopes for that are slim.

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