Friday, May 30, 2014

Russians Go Home

Thousands of Russian troops are returning to their bases.  (Photo/Courtesy of

Russian troops, withdrawing from the borders of Ukraine,
Realized what anyone with even half a brain
Figured out a week ago; they do not need to fight.
Might as well go home before more sanctions start to bite.

Kiev won't try that again...  Their newest oligarch,
Petro Poroshenko, knows he's swimming with a shark.
Clearer than a nose upon a face, they've made their point.
Russians don't want our proboscis further out of joint.

We don't have to like it but the facts of life are these;
If your army's big enough you may do as you please.
Threaten an invasion and your neighbors will be daunted...
Just ask Mr. Putin, who got everything he wanted.

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