Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Take Back Our Girls

Leader of Boko Haram is threatening to sell the kidnapped girls. (Photo/Courtesy of The Guardian)

Parents in Nigeria are frantic for their girls
3 weeks after Boko Haram swine kidnapped their pearls,
Still not knowing where the pigs who stole their daughters are,
Angry 'cause their President's done nothing much, so far.

He still isn't sure how many girls the rebels took;
Didn't send the army in to help the parents look.
Boko Haram says they took the girls to sell as slaves.
I suspect the terrorists are digging their own graves.

Now they've got the world's attention and the world is pissed
And, unlike the girls they've taken, these guys won't be missed.
I hope Goodluck Jonathan does not make any deals
That exclude a visit from the U.S. Navy's SEALs. 

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  1. I am so proud to know you mrs smeej. the fact yhat you are right on top of this horror story and take a positive stand is just what we ve come to admire and look foreward to from you. thanks and God bless you.