Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Bad, Old Days

Protestors in Vietnam are angry at China.  (Photo/Courtesy of

So much for the "new world order;" we're back to the old...
Stronger preying on the weak - where wars aren't always cold.
China placed an oil rig off the coast of Vietnam;
Chinese ships protected it with orders they should ram

Any ships that Vietnam sent out to take a look.
Chinese used their water cannon...  Shades of Captain Hook.
They believe they should control the whole South China Sea;
Doesn't matter if the country's neighbors disagree.

Seems they took a page from Putin's playbook in Ukraine;
Seize the things you want to, first - then let the world complain.
Vietnam had rioting and Chinese factories burned.
Looks as if the "bad, old days" of history's returned.

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