Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Patriot In His Own Mind

Brian Williams and Edward Snowden.

"Coward and a traitor" or a patriot who's brave?
Edward Snowden, in a recent interview he gave,
Said to Brian Williams he's a patriotic guy
Who exposed abuses he discovered as a spy.

Tried to go through proper channels over his concerns.
Wouldn't get a chance to make his case if he returns.
(He's accused of treason; says his trial would not be fair.)
Only stayed in Russia 'cause the U.S. trapped him there.

Patriot or traitor?  It depends how you define
Service to your country...  Did Ed Snowden cross the line?
Are his leaks on NSA something we need to know
Or has our intelligence received a fatal blow?

I believe, in Snowden's mind, he served the greater good.
With his theft he's proven almost anybody could
Access all our information...  Privacy is dead
And the only reason that we know is thanks to Ed.

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