Friday, May 09, 2014

Serving the Social Welfare

(Photo/Courtesy of Mother Jones)
Is our social welfare served through funding dirty ads,
Spending money on elections?  (Not a little...  Scads!)
Or is that political in nature?  I'd say yes;
Putting me at odds with Rove at Crossroads GPS.

Donors to a social welfare group don't have to say
Who they are nor give a reason why they'll, gladly, pay
Limitless amounts of cash to get their guys elected.
Watch-dog groups did "sniff tests."  A foul odor was detected.

Issue driven campaign ads, though they're protected speech,
Urge you towards a candidate...  They're not designed to teach.
That sure sounds political - where speech is also free -
Guaranteed to them...  Without the anonymity.

If these secret Super PACs have got a point to make
I think we should know who funds positions that they take.
Social welfare isn't served by people talking trash,
Not unless we also know who's putting up the cash.

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