Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Google Won't Forget This


People throughout history have tried to leave their mark,
Hoping we'll name streets for them, or schools...  Perhaps a park.
Something that survives us after we are in our grave,
Yet we all  have made some marks that we don't want to save.

It might be a drunken photo or a careless tweet;
Information you don't want to share with folks you meet.
Something you don't talk about with people from your church...
Things that they can learn about you with a Google Search.

In the state of Denmark though, if you did something rotten,
European Union passed the Right to be Forgotten.
You can have those links removed - you only have to ask.
Google says complying is a monumental task.

If you're an American you do not have this right
So, if you're debating if it is or isn't bright
To do something that you'll later wish you could forget,
Just remember - what you do stays on the internet.

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